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Designing and implementing

high-performing employee
health and benefit solutions.

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When healthcare & health insurance connect,

everything changes for good.

Imagine the possibilities

of what we can do together.

We deliver employee benefits and value
in a way that only a health system can.

Mission Employer Solutions, an employee benefits consulting firm, is passionate about improving the health of communities in western North Carolina and beyond. Partnerships with top insurers enable us to design and implement high-performing employee health and benefit solutions that include ancillary services such as vision, dental and life insurance.
We deliver employee benefits in a way only a health system can: delivering long-term savings through improving and maintaining the health and wellness of your workforce. Our collaborative approach to plan design and management helps each employer define benefit program offerings their people actually need and find useful. Your company enjoys higher productivity and maximizes employee satisfaction and retention.

What we do

What We Do

We design and implement high-performing employee health and benefit solutions and provide the expertise on compliance, technology, and more.

Why we're different

Why We're Different

We hold partnerships with top insurers and offer access to robust resources through our integration with a leading health system.

Why we're better

Why We're Better

We have a bigger vision – to improve the health of individuals and our community.

We put the health of people at the heart of our approach.

We are local

We're local.

We live here. We care here. We ensure your employees have great experiences with the right doctors, hospitals and clinics across our network.

We help people thrive


We’re uniquely able to support you in offering the best available solutions to keep your employees healthy, control costs and support quality care.

Better health is what we do well

Better health is what we do well.

We put the well-being of people first. We engage, educate and empower them to attain their healthiest desired state.

We design health plans people actually need.

Dani black and white Dani


"I feel optimistic about living a healthy, active lifestyle."

Deb black and white Deb


"This wellness program got me to where I am today."

Six months ago, Dani and her husband started making healthier food choices, dining at home more often and leaving the TV off to spend 90 minutes daily walking around the neighborhood and sharing the day's events. Dani is now 20 lbs. lighter, and her clothes are two sizes smaller! “A year ago, I was in the at-risk range,” Dani recalls. Today? “All of my lab results are excellent!”

Seven words changed Debbie’s life: “If you do this, you won’t fail.” Those words inspired Debbie to begin a healthcare journey that evening. She hasn’t had a sugary soft drink or candy bar in 16 months. Unable to walk short distances initially, she now walks up to five miles daily. Debbie has lost 110 pounds, dropped seven clothing sizes and her blood sugar is now at a healthy level. She has become a role model for co-workers and church members who approach her about how they can get healthy too. “This wellness program got me to where I am today. It’s been fabulous. Fabulous! I am going to keep going. It’s just well worth it to me.”

Are you ready to see what we can do together?

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