Imagine the possibilities

of what we can do together.

Everything changes for good.

Healthy State offers a new approach to healthcare. Your health becomes the priority because we combine health benefits with healthcare. Our goal is to keep you well and provide optimal resources if you become sick. This approach awakens all of us to the idea that healthcare can do more for individuals, employers and communities. Healthy State has all the elements in place to achieve the outcomes everybody wants from the healthcare system: improved health, a better experience and reduced costs.

A health plan that places your health first.

Your Healthy State plan delivers access to caregivers and facilities known for exceptional quality, convenience, an outstanding customer experience and the advantages of a locally based company. We are part of your community.

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In healthcare, quality matters.

Mission Health Partners®, our critically acclaimed clinically integrated network, has the professionals, infrastructure and programs in place to ensure coordinated care, seamless communication and an optimal customer experience by placing member’s needs first.


patient experience score in 2016


We offer abundant options throughout the region with extended hours.

Any plan you choose includes access to Mission Health Partners®, which includes nearly 1,100 physicians, ten hospitals and thousands of other healthcare practitioners currently serving more than 90,000 individuals. To make healthcare more accessible, most locations offer extended hours, including weekends.

Outstanding Customer Experience

We have the infrastructure and process to ensure coordinated care.

Mission Health Partners® is far more than a collection of providers; it has the infrastructure and processes in place to ensure coordinated care. There is seamless communication, eliminating frustrations and issues that occur when one caregiver is not aware of what the others are doing. Everyone involved understands the bigger picture. People seen in our network have an outstanding customer experience. Meeting your needs is our primary focus. We promote open communication and transparency between individuals and their care team, which is composed of the right clinicians, offering the right solutions at exactly the time they are needed.

Local Roots

We live and work in your community.

There is a tremendous advantage to the members we serve because we are local. You don’t have to talk to an insurance representative at a call center in another state or country. The people providing care and directing services live in your communities. Our approach was designed and tested by doctors and backed by our local, yet nationally recognized, health system that employs your neighbors — who trust their own health and family’s care to us.

Empowering You to Achieve Your Healthiest State.

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Our approach to healthcare encourages you to reach your own unique potential through engagement, education and empowerment. We meet you wherever you are on the health spectrum and help you achieve your healthiest desired state. You have access to exceptional programs, resources and professional care teams. Our care coordinators help you navigate the healthcare system, offering assistance with referrals, making follow-up appointments and locating care resources.

Primary prevention

Primary Prevention

We work with you to help you stay healthy...

Early intervention

Early Intervention

We help you address issues early on the curve...

Chronic condition management program

Chronic Condition Management Program

We provide support and care for chronic conditions...

Post-acute care management

Post-Acute Care Management

After illness, we provide the care you need to return to optimal health...

Sneakers - Step into your power

Step into your Power.

We want to help you live a healthy and meaningful life. To make that happen, you play an active role by communicating your needs, participating in opportunities to learn more about your health and engaging in ways that help you get the most out of your benefits – and your life.

The heart of everything we do together is based on the discussions you have with your care team. We encourage you to share your needs, as well as information about your health, medications and medical history. Talk about your personal challenges to help your care team determine what works well for you. Sharing this kind of information enables us to support your success and help you achieve your goals. Your role also includes learning about disease prevention, managing your health through your online portal and engaging in the programs designed to keep you well.

Imagine the possibilities of what we can accomplish together.